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Clonk Rage 4.9

Multiplayer strategy game with modular elements to create infinite scenarios
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Clonk Rage, created by RedWolf Design, is one of the three available versions of this game. As a matter of fact, Clonk Rage is an update for the elder version: Clonk Endeavour. For those who already know Clonk Endeavour let’s say that the new game is exactly the same in terms of contents and rules. The most relevant differences between Clonk Endeavour and Clonk Rage are the following:
- Clonk Rage is not for free. It’s shareware with some limitations regarding mostly editing features.
- The registered version of Clonk Rage includes an editor with which you can customize almost everything about the game.
- Clonk Rage is available to run on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh systems.
- Clonk Rage displays the game menus in full screen.
- The network code has been fully rewritten for Clonk Rage with great improvements in network play speed.
- The control mode has been modified so when the player releases a movement key the Clonk will stop.
For those who don’t know Clonk Endeavour let’s take a look at it. Just like Clonk Endeavour, Clonk Rage has the ability of creating new scenarios from pre-created elements of modular design, being this aspect maybe the strongest of the game. Even more, this new edition includes a specific editor (only the licensed version) to go even further in the customization of the game. The different combinations of modular elements allow creating an almost endless amount of possible scenarios. Included in those modular elements commented are the weather conditions.
Clonk Rage, even when allows to be played by a single player, is a more interesting game when played by multiple players. The Clonks are organized into what is called “crews”, and the players can be playing from the same computer, through a LAN or even the Internet.
The game is called Clonk Rage because the protagonists of the game are the “clonks”. These are little guys which you and your opponents have to control in order to achieve certain goals. The two main goals to be achieved by the crews are: build up a settlement from the mining of resources; and the elimination of the opponent’s crew.
While the sounds quality has been somehow improved since Clonk Endeavour, the downside of the game is still the graphic quality.

Lionel Mira
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  • Improved network code allowing faster Internet play
  • The main menu displays in full screen
  • It supports Windows, Linux and Macintosh


  • Poor graphics
  • The installation wizard is available in German only
  • The game is available in German and English only
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